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Young women and girls empowerment toward realization of Gender equality # SDG 5 Steer the development of female students in Kenya and Africa though leadership trainings, mentorships and capacity building. Ensure that our members live comfortably while in schools and get the best opportunities that will assure them a brighter future beyond schools Promoting matters of interest to Women students’ welfare and wellbeing in learning institutions Sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) awareness

 WOSWA Zero Teen Pregnancy Campaign

Zero Teen Pregnancy Campaign

WOSWA is focused to ensure that teenage pregnancy among school girls is completely eradicated. Girls have equal rights to education as boys and teenage pregnancy serves as a barrier.

 WOSWA Talent Development

WOSWA Talent Development

Beyond books we are all gifted differently, some as actresses, poets, musicians, footballers, comedy and athletes. WOSWA gives platform to girls to develop their talent for sustainable growth and development.

WOSWA corpotate networking

WOSWA Open Days

During the Open days, WOSWA engage members of the public and students on our activities in WOSWA and share with them our milestones towards women empowerment in learning institutions in Kenya.

 Social Injustice Protest by WOSWA

Social Injustice Protest

WOSWA is a women student rights defenders in learning institutions. Some of the social injustices we protest against include; rape, gender based violence and sexual harrassment. Male students support WOSWA in such protests.

 Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness by WOSWA

Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness

Female students reproductive health is a key pillar to our foundation. We are focused in ensuring good health and well being of our members. We are key in implementation of SDG 3, which is good health and well being for female students.

WOSWA - International Students networking

International Students networking

As WOSWA, we support our members and leaders to engage in international, global student conferences where they are able to interact and share experiences from Africa on women empowerment and feminist movement

 WOSWA Female Students Mensorship program.


WOSWA does student mentorship in Primary schools, Secondary Schools, colleges and Universities

 WOSWA - Women students rights advocacy

Women students’ rights advocacy

acting on matters that might hinder growth and development of female students in Kenya and Africa.

 WOSWA - Embracing Social Responsiblities

Embrace Social Responsiblities

As WOSWA, Women Students Mentorship Association , we are involved in embracing social responsibilities which involves activities aimed at giving back to community.