WOSWA, Women Students Mentorship Association: The Board of Directors


REYNA FARIDE PEÑA CASTILLO is a professor in the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, México.She is a Member of the State Committee for Victims Attention of the south-southeast of Mexico that monitors the transparency of State compensation to crime victims.She is also the Director of the Thematic Network for Research and Applications in Victimology (INTERAVI) to which universities in Latin America, Spain and North America with a line of research on social violence associated with transnational crime.

She is the creator of the model of care for victims of the University Unit of Clinic and Victimological Research (UNIVICT) implemented in the Autonomous University of Yucatán.she designed and operated on the first Crime Prevention programs with regionalized and inclusive characteristics of the Mayan culture in the south-southeast of Mexico.From UNIVICT we designed a training program in the long term that incorporates college undergraduate and graduate people, which is based on competencies for crisis intervention and therapeutic processes, monitoring schemes and mental health care.