WOSWA, Women Students Mentorship Association: The Board of Directors

An organization is as strong as its leadership. At WOSWA we believe in having a strong leadership and being led by a strong team and board members who guide our women empowerment agenda.

Sarah A. Simons

Sarah A. Simons, is a member of the Executive Committee of the World Society of Victimology (WSV) and founding Chairperson of All-Africa Criminal Justice Society. She is also the Coordinator, Anglophone Africa Team -IMOCAFV Project, United Kingdom. For over twenty-five years she has been involved in victim support in criminal justice systems on three continents at international, national and community-based levels. Her Afri-centric approach to capacity-building for victim support professionals continues to strengthen competencies for victim intervention at strategic and operational levels, often in resource-constrained environments.

This work has included in-house teaching criminal justice professionals, project conceptualisation and management, fundraising for victim advocacy work, managing a Witness Service, consultancies geared towards strengthening to empower victims, survivors and service providers. Sample Professional Affiliation: World Society of Victimology (WSV) www.worldsocietyofvictimology.org,Chair, All-African Criminal Justice Society (ACJUS) http://cyberdefenseresearch.com/acjus/