What's happening at WOSWA, Women Students Mentorship Association

We are obligated to amplify the voices of girls and young women and provide them with space to share their own stories.


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Students Development

As Women Students Mentorship Association, WOSWA, our aim is to equipt women students in all universities with the requisite information on relationships, sexual health and their well being.

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Women Empowerment

WOSWA is keen on working with girls across 47 countries to ensure that we have ZERO TEEN Pregnancy. We equipt girls with the right information to avoid teenange pregnancy.

Telka Company Limited: Sustainable ICT Solutions For Posterity

Zero Teen Pregnancy

Our mission is to ensure that teens go to school, concentrate on their academics and build their future careers without getting pregnant. Pregnancy is a huge load and responsiblity that can stop our teens from achieving their full potential.